The Integrated Blog Platform


Consider our feature list as a work in progress. With each installation, we come up with cool things to do. And yes, we implement those cool things on past installations. For free. That's the way we work.

Anyway, so a lot of the following features may be found in other applications. We know that people expect certain things in their blog apps. We just tweak those features and try to make them better.

  • Seamless integration in existing/new website
  • Data-driven or static pages
  • Linux and Windows
  • MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Unlimited Authors
  • Guest Authors
  • Hierarchal Categories (up to three levels currently - more on request)
  • No Unique Category Name Restrictions
  • Blogroll
  • Full Search (entries and comments)
  • Archives
  • Ping Notifier
  • Sweet Administrative Interface
  • Customizable