Blog FM

The Integrated Blog Platform


There are free blog apps such as Wordpress out there that do a pretty good job. The average individual can deploy Wordpress on their own and add a nice theme without too much hassle. When that same person wants greater control over functionality, as well as matching their company branding, it usually requires hiring someone that can modify Wordpress.

When modification is the road you start traveling down, it can get pretty expensive pretty quickly. The biggest expense is forcing Wordpress (or similar) to work for your needs. That is where BlogWRX is different - it works either as a standalone website or adds blog capabilities to a new or existing website.

BlogWRX is not a packaged application. You pay WRX Media to install it for you and integrate it within your existing site. You may have us build you a site around BlogWRX. Because each installation is specific to the customer, there is no set pricing per se, but we are very competitive.

If you're just looking for a blog, then we recommend Wordpress. We've used that for sites when we want the basics and not looking for any bells and whistles. For that purpose, Wordpress is a solid choice. However, when you want a site built specific for your needs and work in the functionality of a blog, Blog FM fills the niche perfectly.

We provide firm quotes we will stand behind, so please contact us for your particular needs.